Where to Wear

Pool, Sea, Beach, Home, All Year Round

  • With so many uses at home or play, enjoy wearing your Slipnstop's all year round.With its non-slip, firm-grip soles, Slipnstop's helps reduce the risk of slipping on wet and slippery surfaces and helps protect your feet from the hot, cold, slippery, rough and dirty unhygienic surfaces!
  • Protection and safety in and around the swimming pool. Great for extra grip on hard floors at home, they also offer protection and safety in the bathroom, garden or even whilst exercising. 
  • Designed for all ages, breathable stretchy UPF 50+ fabric allows for comfortable movement of the feet, giving the feeling of walking and swimming barefoot.
  • Light, flexible & comfortable, there are no limits to when and where you could choose to wear yours.
  • Firm-grip soles help prevent slipping and sliding on wet and dry surfaces and they are so easy to swim in.
  • Why not keep them on while showering and changing and then pop them in your swim bag ready to enjoy next time round.
  • UPF 50+ material can protect your skin against UVA and UVB radiation and decrease the chance of skin cancer and sunburn, especially in summer.


  • OUTDOOR:  You can wear your Slipnstop's on the beach, in the sea or pool, on the boat, in outdoor playgrounds and amusement or water parks, while swimming or surfing (feels like you are swimming in bare feet but with added protection against coral and rocks), camping, hiking, riding, scooting or even when you just want to relax your feet from a tiresome day in formal shoes.      

    INDOOR:  Year-round in any indoor area such as home, bathroom, kindergarten, gym, pilates, barre & yoga class, when travelling on airplanes and in hotels, cabins, tents, hospitals, indoor pools and sports change rooms, in the office, whilst working, or any indoor area where you want to be safe, comfortable, fashionable and keep your feet clean and hygienic.

    HYGIENIC - WITH OR WITHOUT SOCKS:  You can even wear your Slipnstop's when using rented skiing, snowboarding, ice skating boots or bowling shoes to ensure your feet are hygienically protected.